Calligraphy 3D Light Graffiti Art

Graffiti 3D Design
The French calligraphic Graffiti Artist, Julien Breton and his photographic collaborator, William J. Plisson have created some pretty amazing light calligraphy. Their work could also be called informed in writing of the 3-D space, or painting the air. They used a combination of different light sources as LED light sticks in collaboration with the techniques of photography and ending time to create their work.

Arabic Calligraphy Digital 3D Light Graffiti
The photos were taken in a watery reflection against the walls and different landscapes or against a starry sky. No editing in Photoshop and no work has been used.
Exotic Arabic Calligraphy 3D Light Graffiti
More pictures of the calligraphy of light can be seen on the Flickr page Plisson and video. There is also a book entitled "Lightgraff" available (details on site Breton).
Water Arabic Calligraphy 3D Graffiti
Breton was an avid Latin calligraphy since she was 5. He expresses his artistic talent entirely by this means. Breton also draws inspiration from the Arabic, Chinese and Japanese calligraphy.
Arabic Calligraphy 3D Light Graffiti

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