Cool Grafiti Canada On The Wall - Zek's Graffiti

Red Grafiti Arrow Style Zek Tags

Zek is a street graffiti artist from canada, in the beginning plunge into the world of graffiti since the age of 14. artwork originated from the tags to throwups and then to pieces and productions as a last option.He has been active in the graffiti scene for over 15 years. Zek prefer a flat paint on walls or metal, depending on the mood and inspiration.Zek street art graffiti adorned the walls of many cities in canada, and this is the result of graffiti art images from Canadian Graffiti Artist.

Graffiti Cartoon by Zek

One 5 Six Graffiti Street Art

Zek Graffiti Design On Wall

Zek Graffiti Throwups Style

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