How To Draw Graffiti Names

Although considered a crime for applying graffiti to public places, some extraordinary works of art. Are you interested in learning how to draw graffiti? If you want to draw graffiti names, these simple steps will outline an easy to follow way to draw graffiti names that will definitely impress your friends.
    • When you find graffiti around town and notice the images and colors they use.
    • Grab a sheet of scratch paper and draw your name in relatively large letters that are spread apart a bit more than they would be in normal text. This is because the graffiti design will cause the letters to fill that space later. Use a pencil so you can easily erase anything you need to.
    • Choose the style that you will use to make your graffiti name. Are your letters will be different sizes? Do you plan to use bubble letters, throw-ups, wizy, bevel styles or flava?
    • Start making real graffiti design sketch on a sheet of your paper. Try changing the thickness of a line or corner of the letter to add different visuals to give effect to the name of your graffiti. Complete your sketch by adding a little design in a letter, or any additional color you want.
    • Create sketches of your name back again in another paper that will make your guide later, because the results of a second better than the first.

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