How To Learn Graffiti Alphabet

Before you want to learn about graffiti alphabet, you will need to take Tracing Paper and Digital Cameras for your lessons will make it easier.

How To Learn Graffiti Alphabet
 Here are the steps:
  • Alphabet Graffiti artists are varied and each different use depending on the type of letter that they want to paint. then specify the font style you want and take some photos of it. This will help you find the online full alphabet.
  • Comparing the photos you've taken with the existing site on the web, the web that you are looking for is talking about graffiti alphabets. compare the images with the results of image searches on the Internet that almost has the same resemblance.
  • Print a sheet of paper with a full view of the alphabet. Using tracing paper, start to do each letter with a pencil. Repeat this continuously until you feel how this form of writing emerged.
  • Now you try to write the letters without using tracing paper. Use your printed sheet as a guide, use a pencil to make it so that you can erase mistakes when writing later. After you're comfortable with the lettering, use your ink over pencilled letters. Then try using only ink writing them.
  • And now you can change the style of graffiti alphabets with your own style, and you need to know that the graffiti artist to do artwork with their own expressions. And that makes all the difference in the form of artwork on each artist. 

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